Reparations for Mosul

We need your help to send baby formula to Mosul. Because of the high numbers of orphans and the number of new mothers who are too malnourished to lactate, the Mosul General Hospital is running critically low on formula. Please donate here to help send an emergency shipment of formula.

Although the operation to recapture Mosul from ISIS has recently concluded, civilians continue to suffer. The hospitals and clinics in and around Mosul have been understaffed and over burdened by the need created from this operation, which began in October of last year. Many individuals have died from easily treatable wounds and illnesses due to a lack of resources. Many have been starving under siege-like conditions. Current estimates place the civilian death toll at 5,800 with 600,000 displaced from Mosul alone.

The US is of primary responsibility for creating the circumstances that allowed ISIS to capture Mosul. Not only that, our response to this crisis has been a hasty and ill conceived military campaign that has killed thousands of civilians and has further destabilized the country. While this operation may succeed in ejecting ISIS from Mosul, it is unlikely that this campaign will lead to a peaceful future.

We implore you to consider this a duty, not an act of charity. The US has done so much harm to Iraq. This is one thing we can do to respond to the enormous moral debt we owe Iraqis. Please contribute to this effort here.