Repairing Fallujah’s Hospitals

The hospitals in Fallujah are in ruins from the last three years of Coalition military operations (including US air strikes) to push the Islamic State out of the city. Since January 2014, the Fallujah hospitals have been bombed over 40 times. 14753415_1161669040546110_3802787029956891797_oAnd since the ground assault that finally cleared the Islamic State from Fallujah this past June, all the medical equipment has been looted. Our contacts at hospital have told us that 45% of the hospital complex’s buildings have been severely damaged and the Maternity and Children’s Hospital was completely destroyed.

What’s worse, the Iraqi government has made no promises to rebuild the hospital or restock it with equipment. Out of desperation, the hospital staff has put a call out to international solidarity organizations for assistance. Our  friends at the hospital have turned to us in particular. We’ve brought reparations to them in the past, and they’re asking us to play a big role in this initiative.
The task before us is potentially enormous. It will likely require significant logistical work, lobbying, fundraising, media work, and community building. Fortunately, we have a small dedicated group of organizers to help kick this effort off. And with your help, we can build this effort into a sustainable solidarity and reparations movement.